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Although a long established UK company based in Portsmouth, we have maritime customers all over Europe and handful even further away. We believe this is because we offer a very efficient Marine Tracking System at very attractive prices and we are certain our many 'long term' customers would agree. If you are an amateur sailor, we can supply a 'Tracking Device' with aerials to track your vessel starting at £45 and then you pay just £8 a month (in UK waters) for our services (including license, hosting, airtime, week and weekend support). That is it -No VAT - No excess charge because you accidentally cruised into foreign waters, or used the boat outside of hours - in fact we guarantee no hidden charges ever!

Once fitted if you log onto the internet, our state-of-the-art servers will show you where your vessel is on your smart phone, pc or tablet. Loved ones back home (if you tell them how) can also see where you are and if you are on your way back yet! When you are back home and up to 3 months later, you can replay any route you took, with moving data fix points at least every couple of minutes. To fully use the system you don't even have to download unreliable and never updated 'apps' before you can use it (used by some suppliers just so they can sell advertising space on the app) - Our server is simply accessed with just the standard phone, or computer's browser like Chrome, MS Explorer, Opera, Firefox, etc.

At the other extreme even if you are a 'Professional Sailor', or are operating a 'Charter Fleet' in the Mediterranean, it will still cost the same to buy the unit, and just 46p a day per vessel to use. Plus you get more frequent location updates and can add features like bilge pump alarm, power anchor deployment, shore power disconnection and geo-fencing

'MARINE' Tracking Package - why do we emphasis Marine? Simply because that is how our systems differs from most other 'automotive based' trackers. Here are just a couple of areas where we are different from the rest - Some companies supply older 'auto' trackers , that is to say they only work on the old USA GPS system. All our units are configured for the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) which allows them to access multiple satellites systems including GLONASS and GALILEO (along with the old GPS system for backup), allowing for faster and considerable more accurate positioning at sea. Some companies supply standard SIM cards which work on a single carrier and sometimes in a single country, We use multi- network Data Cards that roam the networks so if you are far out at sea, or in a screened estuary and not in range of one supplier it will change to another. Also as we pay all your charges no matter how much you use the system, you will never be cut off.

Using the Software - The system allows you at anytime to just click on the program to see where your vessel is when it sent the latest fix, but as you can see from the image below you can also ask where your vessel was up to 3 months ago (longer if you download your history). Not only that you can set a start and end time and draw the exact route it took. The 'Screen Dump' of a report on a Mediterranean based vessel below, shows each point a location fix was sent all joined up to give the complete route. Clicking on a fix point on the route will as shown give the time and speed at that point. If the vessel remains static for a pre-set period of time, the times will be recorded and a 'P' will be shown at that location.

Tracking a vessel

Geo-fencing - If your are on the standard rate (as opposed to one of the concessionary rates) there is a lot more you can do with our system, one of the most popular is to 'Ring Fence' your mooring. As you can see on the 'screen dump' below this user has ring fenced the whole of the harbour (shown in green), this is because his marina offers a layup and anti foiling service in the winter. What it means in real terms is he, or one of their staff can move the vessel around in the harbour, but if it leaves by sea (or road) a warning recording the event will both sound and appear on the map and can also be sent to any email address.

geo-fence a mooring
geo-fence your boat

Weekend Sailor

We offer a low rate of 26p a day for non-professionals who use their boats mainly at the weekend (the odd trip in the week is acceptable) as long as you can clearly demonstrate you only use the vessel for pleasure and don't need alarms and Geo fencing.

BTW. Don’t worry if you live on the boat, our standard rate is not that bad either, please see the link above for all our inexpensive rates.

Hidden Charges

There are none! You have two expenses, first the hardware you buy to fit in the boat and then your fixed monthly charge, this includes full support.

UK waters customers if you 'occasionally' pop over to Europe you will not be charged any extra.

Unlike many 'so called' tracking companies we have been doing this for years so your investment is safe.

Covert Installation

Most of our customers use their boats for pleasure but we have some who offer their vessels for charter and wish to protect them from abuse and have some protection against theft. On many models we can supply them unlabelled (please ask)

If this is something you need we can advise you how to hide the equipment away and then give you a password locked access to the vessels history with full reports, you can run at your leisure.

The Map Server

Our Map Server can be accessed from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. By default it works with the standard PC's, Tablets and smart phone's browser, without the need to first download an 'app'.

You can overlay your vessel on MS Bing, Google, or OS maps, including Street, Terrain and Satellite views. You can replay past routes and even download a permanent record.

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