The Monthly Rate Choices Explained

Once you have purchased your hardware (see Equipment Section) your only other expense is the small ongoing monthly charge (which covers all our services). Below is shown that monthly cost which falls into two sections coloured Yellow and Green:

Yellow is the 'Concessionary Rates' for genuine Amateur Weekend Sailors
Green is our 'Standard Rate' for everyone else.

These two sections are then divided into cruise areas normally operated in - UK waters only and UK plus European waters plus most other parts of the world.

Monthly Charge Tracking in UK Waters Tracking around Europe Tracking World Wide Shared Map Page Private Map Page Event warning messages
Geo Fence Facility Tack and Distance Update rate moored Update rate moving
£8             120 Mins 180secs
£11 *         120 Mins 180secs
£12     30 Mins 90secs
£14 * 30 Mins 90secs

* A handful of countries are excluded, please check with us for exact coverage.

The difference between the 'Cruising Waters' rates is of course based on where your vessel is moored, but don't worry If you are only on the UK rate and get the chance to have a weekend in France, we are not going to worry about the odd trip out of the area, as long as it's not a regular occurrence.

Clearly the Standard Rate (green bands) cost a little more (13p a day) because they offers many extras over the Concessionary Rates, for example the option of your own personal map showing just your vessel(s) and password protected. Warning message when the anchor is used, or a locker is opened, or an engine started. you can also have Geo fencing which emails you when a boat enters, or leaves a pre-selected area. Lastly this rate gives you much more frequent data updates (updates are actually more frequent than the 90 seconds shown because you also get an update about every half kilometre travelled and each change of direction (Tack)).

Explanation of the columns

Tracking: The two areas shown are your base areas and they are. UK Waters only and European Waters and most of the rest of the world. (if you are permanently based in Australia, New Zealand, North and South America plus a few others places we may be able to put you on a lower rate please ask).

Shared / Private Map: Our weekend sailor (concessionary) rates means you will be on a open map, shared with other vessels and not password protected. we do however limit the number on that page so you don’t have to hunt through many to find your vessel. With the standard rate you have a choice to be on your own, or share with people you select i.e. Sailing Clubs or Fleet Operators may want a private page but with many vessels on it.

Event Warning Messages: On the standard rate you have the option to connect the Ignition, Bilge Pump, Power Anchor, etc. to the unit and it will send an email when this item is activated.

Geo Fence Facility: On the standard rate you have the option of Geo-fencing an area and receiving a message on entry, or departure from that area. For an example you can set a fence around your mooring and get a message when the vessel leaves and returns.

Tack and Distance: On all rates you will get timed location updates. On the concessionary rates these are 120mins when moored and every 180seconds when underway. On standard rate it is every 30mins when moored and every 90secs when underway. However, on top of that information standard users get an update sent when the vessel changes heading (tacks) more than a set number of degrees and when it has covered a set distance. This means a much more detailed replay of your trip, amongst other advantages.

Below is a short introduction to using our software this will show a little of what you can do with this versatile application.
To watch full screen click on the box symbol (bottom right hand side of the video screen), or press the F’ key on your keyboard while viewing.