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Welcome - You maybe here because you are concerned what happens on your boat when you go home after a days sailing? Maybe it is because your insurance company has requested you fit a 4G GPS tracker, or because your vessel spends most of its time on a trailer, or a swinging mooring with no shore power? Most likely it simply because you want to know where your vessel is 24/7 and to be able to instantly see where it has has been during the last few months, this is especially true if it is out on charter, or moored a long, long way from home.

Whatever your reason welcome to the often confusing world of GPS Boat Tracking. We want to assure you that BOAT TRACK has been around for a long time and is a genuine and honest 'specialist website' for all mariners from occasional weekend sailors through to international charter companies. None of this rubbish of needing to ask for and wait for a quote, everything you need to know is here, without a 'salesperson' pressuring you to buy.

Above are a few Boat Track customer’s vessels at work and play

We have tried on these pages to give clear and unbiased information as to why we think with our many years experience in Marine Tracking, we can help you achieve your goal and much more! The website even shows you all our prices so there are no hidden extras to surprise you later! Being on-line means we can offer quality 4G based GPS Tracking Devices at inexpensive prices along with 7 day a week email and phone support.

Our GPS trackers will show you where your vessels is now and instantly replay its last 3 months cruising. If someone is moving your boat when you are not there you can quickly prove it. If your vessel/jet ski  is kept on a trailer, or swinging mooring then our Non tracker giving periodical updates could be what you need. Our software is simple to use, for example we do not force you to keep downloading 'App's' before you can log on, instead our system will work on any Computer, Smart TV, Tablet, even your Smart Phone, just using it's standard Browser and your password!

Please read the answers to questions displayed below to find out all you really need to know and to understand why we have been so successful.

Below are the 'key question' people frequently ask us:-

Above are the key points most mariners are interested in. Elsewhere you can read about how 'The Bosses' have been around GPS and Data Transmission for some thirty plus years (mostly in the emergency services sector) and how some fifteen years ago they formed 'Boat Track' to stop fellow 'Weekend Sailors' getting 'ripped off'. You will also find technical details about our equipment, if that is your thing!

If you are one of those people who thinks all modern marine trackers are the same, you are not wrong! Recent ones (those in the modern quad band 850/900/1800/1900) certainly yes, but that’s not the point, the key thing is - how clever is the software loaded on to them and is it designed for the special requirements of sailors? Ours trackers certainly are.

Most importantly you will find a complete breakdown of all our charges and the reasons why we are a reliable alternative to companies that stop trading just after you pay a year up front (we ask for just a month and then set up monthly Standing Orders that you can cancel after the first month). If anything is not clear, or you cannot find exactly what it is you want, give us a call on 03333 44 76 44 or if you are outside the UK +44 3333 44 76 44

All the different devices you can view your vessel on

Track on a Computer
Boat GPS Tracking Map
Track on a Smart TV
Tracking your boat on a smartphone
Track on a Tablet
Using a Tablet to track your RIB
Track on a Smart Phone
Using a Phone to track your Boat

Important: Lastly, if you really cannot afford one of our systems then buy a couple of bottles of wine and enjoy them instead! Please don’t be a mug and waste it on one of the many cheap and inferior system advertised (especially on-line), that Microsoft, or Google will close down after a few weeks because the seller did not obtain a license for the maps, or where the system stops reporting because you have used up the months airtime credit the seller purchased a few days before you brought the unit.

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