Occasional Seasonal Deals

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Although many of our customers are able to cruse all year around some (especially those on fixed budgets) have to face the ‘Winter Lay-Up’. If you are one of these people and your vessels is brought ashore, or in some other way secured from abuse, this deal may appeal to you.

Purchase the unit you want and then make a one of payment of £68 and the unit will be live from the 1st of March till the 30th of October. Then next year make the same payment before the 1st of March and be live again.

This offer has a two conditions and they simply are: -

1. It is only available for UK water (although like all our rates no one is going to complain about the odd cruse out the area)

2. This serve is based on our 'Concessionary Rates' (for genuine amateur weekend sailors)

Please contact us to discuse this offer