Boat Tracking DEMO

Account customers Click Here to go to your account's map. Potential new Customers, below you will find a link to our demo / test copy of the map. Clearly this has limited functionality but as the vehicles you see are real you can get a good idea of the accuracy and also playback their recent history.

Using the Demo Software with a Smart Phone

There are two different types of Web Page layouts for you to use - The first one is for a Smart Phones, or small Tablets. Here you enter the menu and select the object you want to track (remember to start by first selecting 'Objects' from the menu (top left of the screen)).  In Objects once you click on the icon you want, it will close that page and take you to the 'Map' and the object's location. repeat the procedure for each object.

Use with a Phone
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Using the Demo Software with a PC or Mac

The second option is for PC, Mac, or large tablet. It works best if you have a normal or large sized screen and shows both the 'Objects' and the 'Map' together all on the same page. You then just need to click on the icon next to the object you are interested in, to see where it is. This will work for most screens. This option also allows for more options (see the online Help Files located at the top left of this screen)

Use with a computer or Tablet
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If you would like more detail about what you can do with our Tracking and Map Software there is an ever growing help file available HERE

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