Hardware in Detail

Cheapest Price Tracking Device

AVT10 Standard Tracker (no aerials) 

This is our base unit, it is splash proof with separate aerials and will work well in most installations. If you are looking to cruse far off shore then then this unit is especially useful as it lets you mount your aerials higher (perhaps on the mast or bridge roof). We also do a range of magnetic or adhesive 'stick on' aerials that will work with this unit for easy installation. It needs a 10-30 volts and if you are on our normal monthly rate can send a message live when equipment (Anchor, Engines, trim etc.) is being used.

Cost £65 (plus aerials)

Some of our Tracking Device Aerials

Aerial Choice

If you are purchasing our AVT10 then you will need two aerials (one for GPS and one for data) above shows our two most popular options. The first are adhesive aerials (mount the GPS aerial flat and the Data one upright), the other is a combined system, which hole mounts. We have other systems but one of these two will deal with 95% of most Boat and Vehicle installations.

Cost £16 (a pair Adhesive)

Cost £26 (Combined hole mount)

Vessel Tracker with built in aerials

AVT11 Standard Tracker (inbuilt aerials)

Basally the same unit as the AVT10, but with the aerials built in. Clearly it is the easiest to install just requiring to be mounted where it can electrically see the sky i.e. Label side up (for example on the dashboard, inside a locker, or under a fibreglass / wooden roof). 

It also has an internal backup battery (lasts around 2 hours). If you are on our normal monthly rate it can send a message when equipment (Power Anchor, Engines, trim etc.) are used.

Cost £85 (All in)

Waterproof Tracking Device

AVT12 Weatherproof Tracker (inbuilt aerials) 

With its Waterproof housing (IP67) this is our most rugged unit and can just be mounted on your fly-bridge / cabin roof, under a Jet Ski / RIB seat (label side up). Then it is just a case of running power to it.

It comes complete with internal backup battery (lasts around 2 hours), connecting cables and instructions. It needs a 10-30 volts and if you are on our normal monthly rate it can send a message when equipment (Power Anchor, Engines, trim etc.) are used.

Cost £95 (All in)

Other Important Hardware Features

Because our Tracking Devices end up in boats they can spend long times away out of coverage, unlike their vehicle mounted cousins We have given considerable thought to this and all our units will store your location when they cannot send it back to the server.

What this means is on a crossing from say Plymouth to France there would be a short area of no coverage. What someone watching would see is the vessel going out into the channel and then at some-point it would stop reporting and remain stationery on the map. As soon as it picked up a cell-site on the other side, it would fill in the gaps and continue reporting. This would show in the reports just the same as if it had not been delayed and so you would still have the complete route and the true times at each point.

Another difference between our boats and cars is change of direction vehicle trackers tend to report in every X seconds when moving and every Y seconds when not (X is usually 2-5 Mins and Y 30-120 Mins). Our devices are programmed in the same way but we add another dimension 'Direction', we can configure the unit to send an extra fix if the boat changes direction by more than 45, or 90 degrees. We can even configure them to update based on distance travelled (ideal for slow moving boats).

Of course there is a lot more features geared toward use with vessels, but all you really need to know is we are the boat specialists!

Ten good reason to deal with us

  1. We understand tracking

  2. Works across Europe and beyond

  3. We are 'down to earth', friendly people

  4. Budget prices, for serious quality products

  5. Systems can be installed covertly when required

  6. Most items held in stock for immediate fast dispatch

  7. Up to at least 12 weeks history instantly available on line

  8. We offer flat rate monthly charge, with no extra 'hidden' charges

  9. System will support single, or multiple vessels (clubs) simultaneously

  10. Unit's location displayed on your own device, or any device with internet access