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After an enjoyable cruse most Captains feel a little sad coming back in to Harbour, but how about being able to come home and track where you have been? Or what about having people see exactly where you are in real time if you get in to difficulty? Or what about not having to worry if your boat is still on the mooring? What about being able to do all three for less than 30p a day? Here you will find all about tracking your boat economically both in UK waters and in the Med. Even if you are a professional sailor, or you are operating a charter fleet around UK waters, it still cost less that 50p a day per vessel.

Boat Tracking UK and Med


We are a 'Hampshire' based boat location company specialising in vessel monitoring and real time tracking for ships of all sizes. Our special area of expertise is with marine location and boat tracking systems along with playback software, via Internet based maps. Our software offers 'Geo-fencing' 'Course Recall', 'Speed' and 'Heading'. We supply a cost effective, individual and tailored service, to boat owners. Our total costs for this type of 'Tracker Device' we believe is the best and cheapest of any comparable Tracking System of this quality. Still not sure we are the ones? Then look at the Software Manual and see what it does, starting at just 30p a day

About the Equipment

We offer two types of Tracking Systems, the first is a traditional unit which can be fitted below decks and the aerial mounted anywhere it can 'see' the sky. The second type is a full enclosed unit (the aerials are inside) which makes installation a doddle. Some units are weatherproof and can have internal back-up batteries. All report back to our central server, where you can log on with a phone, a tablet, or PC and instantly see where your craft is. The last few months history is stored on the same server, so you can instantly see where you were at anytime. There are also options like geo-fencing so you get an email when your vessels leaves / enters a predetermined area.

Weekend Sailor

We offer a low rate for those who are not professionals and only use their boats at the weekend (the odd trip in the week is also acceptable) as long as you can clearly demonstrate you only use the vessel for pleasure.

BTW. Don’t worry if you live on the boat, our standard rate is not that bad either.

Hidden Charges

Put simply, there are none!

You have two expenses, first the hardware you buy to fit in the boat and then your fixed monthly charge. This includes your use of the server, all airtime, connection charges and 7 day a week support. If you occasionally stray abroad, or use excessive data, but are not 'taking the mickey' that’s also OK.

Covert Installation

Most of our customers use their boats for pleasure but we have some who offer their vessels for charter.

If this is something you need we can advise you how to hide the equipment away and then give you a password locked access to the vessels history with full reports,you can run at your leisure.


UK users, if you occasionally pop over to Europe it's not a problem on both our Low and Normal rate. Permanent abroad operation however, is a slightly higher.

Included in the Normal monthly charge are extras like the ability to ring (Geo) fence a location so for example you get an email when the boat leaves harbour, or when the engines are started, etc.

Marine Tracking Units

We have 3 different types of Tracking device, the most popular amongst our marine customers is the two models with built in aerials. The Standard one can be mounted under any Fibreglass or Wooden panel, but must be in the dry (Cabin / Cockpit roof behind the lining is a common place). If you are going to put it outside, then you need our second type the Weatherproof version (shown below). The third type is a very small box which you mount inside (usually by the batteries) and then run the aerials to an outside point (or again behind GRP or Wood). Click the link below for more information on all our main hardware tracking devices.

The Map Server

Our Map Server can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. By default it works with PC's and tablets, but it all so has a 'phone mode' for the smaller screens. You can see our server software, by clicking the link below. This is live data with selected real boats. To see where the vessel is in real time, click on the Icon in the left box, to see where they have been click on the History tab. You can select different maps from the drop down menu, this include road maps and satellite views, as shown below. Of course it can do a lot more than that, want to know what? Click here for the software manual

Pricing at a Glance (no VAT)

Hardware Prices

For a single item (discount on bulk)
1 Basic Tracker (no aerials)  £65
2 Basic Tracker (inbuilt aerials) £75
3 Weatherproof Tracker  £85 


Only needed with no aerial unit
1 Adhesive mounting £12
2 Hole Mount £16
3 Mast from £28

Monthly Charge (low)

This is the Weekend Sailors Rate
1 UK Waters £9 per month
2 European Waters £12 per month
3 Rest of the World £16 per month

Monthly Charge (norm)

This is for normal users
1 UK Waters £12 per month
2 European Waters £15 per month
3 Rest of the World £18 per month

The Monthly Rate Choices Explained

Monthly Charge Low Tracking in UK Waters Tracking around Europe Tracking World Wide Shared map with others Private map Page Event warning messages
Geo Fence Facility Tack and Distance Update rate parked Update rate moving
£9             120 Mins 180secs
£12           120 Mins 180secs
£16 * *         120 Mins 180secs

Above is our economical rate is for weekend sailor who only uses the boat a couple of days a week and hardly ever in the winter,

* A handful of countries are excluded, please check with us.

£12     30 Mins 90secs **
£15   30 Mins 90secs **
£18 * * 30 Mins 90secs **

Above is our normal rate and offers many extras some weekend sailor my also want. For example warning message when the anchor is used, or a locker is opened, or an engine started. It also offers Geo fencing which emails you when a boat enters, or leaves a pre-selected area, along with more frequent data updates. Lastly this rate gives you the option of your own personal map showing just your vessel(s) and password protected.

* A handful of countries are excluded, please check with us.

** Updates are actually more frequent than 90 seconds because you also get an update about every half kilometre travelled and each change of direction (Tack).

The difference between the 'Cruising Waters' rates is of course based on where your vessel is moored, but don't worry If you are only on the UK rate and get the chance to have a weekend in France, we are not going to worry about the odd trip out of the area, as long as it's not a regular occurrence.

Contact Us

UK Vessel Tracking Contact Us

Phone 07580 200 500 (7 Days a Week)

Email email@boattrack.co.uk

Other Points


Price Promise

As we have said before this is the price you pay, no hidden extras (not even VAT). If you can find a system as good as this for less we will give you a 50% discount!

Protecting your investment

Some companies selling Vehicle Tracking Systems seem to fail after the first six months! You are then left with equipment that no longer works and airtime you have paid for, but cannot use. We will not tie you into a long term contract and have been selling tracking systems to boat user for nearly twenty years.

About Us

We hope this website gives you an indication of what our system does. We like to keep things simple and easy to 'take in'. In other words - If we understand the technology, we believe you should not have to.

The two Directors operating this service have been in the satellite location and communications industry for over twenty years each (MD and CS of one of the industry leaders), until they both retired from the board in 2006, "to enjoy working with a small company again". 

Please give us a call, or if you prefer send us an email and we will call you back. Our advice is free and our system is fantastic as our customers will tell you.